Nothing happens the same way twice

Another interesting line from Prince Caspian is when Lucy asks Aslan why things aren't working out the way they did the last time they were in Narnia. Aslan responds, "Nothing ever happens the same way twice."

I want things to always work the same way. In relationships with people, I want to always know what to expect. If I act in a certain way, I want to be certain people will respond the way they did the last time. But I really want God to act in the same way. If at a certain point in my past I received an answer to my prayers when I fasted - I expect that God will come through if I fast again. If I felt close to God by singing a certain song or reading a certain book, I want to re-create that experience time and again - but it never seems to work.

I remember going back on my 2nd tour with the Continental Singers back in 1989, having had such an incredible, life changing tour in the summer of 1988. The "sophomore" tour did not live up to my memories of the first tour in so many ways.

This Saturday we're returning to Issaquah for the 2nd time for the Issaquah Triathlon/Kids Tri/5K. I am trying to tell myself it won't be nearly as exciting as it was last year, when it was my first Triathlon, but really I hope it will be!

God has a way of forcing us to keep on having faith in him by keeping us guessing, just like Aslan did in Prince Caspian. If he always acted in a pattern pretty soon we would learn how to manipulate Him and he would no longer be our Lord and Master - he would be our gimmick.


Bela said…
I loved that sentence! But the best thing about nothing ever happening the same way twice is that it means that it can happen in a better way! And that is amazing, isn't it?

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