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Perseverance and calling

I recently heard from my brother-in-law, a missionary to West Africa, that in the last 20 years there have been more converts to Christianity from Islam than in any time in recent history (maybe ever). He shared about how when he and his wife went, they had a number of people turn to Christ in just the first few months they were there. But he also shared the story of a couple who had ministered in the region from around 1960-1990 who saw a total of 3 people come to Christ. One, two, three. And by the time they left the mission field, two of those had returned to their Muslim roots.

When I heard that I was floored. I immediately thought "Could I have done that?" I'm actually pretty sure I could NOT have. I would have thrown in the towel many years prior to that. I would have "shaken the dust off my feet" and moved on somewhere else. I would have concluded that the Holy Spirit was not in it (for whatever reason). I would have thought I was a bad mission…

Best Dad in the World

I ran across this story by sportswriter Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated.  For the full effect, read the story, then click to start the video.  It is called "The Best Dad In The World" and was first published June 21, 2005.  I saw this father featured last year when I watched the Kona Ironman Championship on ABC.  Kind of puts my triathlon accomplishment in perspective!
To read the story, click here
Then watch the video (below), for the full effect.

Lake Stevens 70.3 - Race Report

Disclaimer: If you're looking for deep spiritual insights you should stop reading right now!

On Sunday July 6 I accomplished a goal I've been training for since Christmas, finishing the Lake Stevens 70.3 Half-Ironman Triathlon. Here's a journal of what happened, with apologies if it is too much information

Saturday afternoon I went to Lake Stevens (near Everett, 20 miles north of Seattle) with my Dad to attend mandatory pre-race meeting and get my race packet. After listening to 30 minutes of rules and regulations (don't litter, don't pass people on the right, do
n't pass cars on
the right!) we headed to the transition are (where you go in-between the 3 segments of the race) to check in my bike, along with about 1400 other racers.

Sunday morning we woke at 4:00 after having "slept" at my sister's place in Marysville (thanks Tracy!). We arrived at 5:30 am and my heart started beating faster just from the excitement of finally being there.

At 6:25 they pl…


I've been commuting on public transit (the bus) a couple of days a week to save on gas money for the past few months. Yesterday on my way to work the bus was crowded and I had to sit next to someone else (I always search for my "own" seat!) I sat next next to a woman who must have been in her early twenties, said hello, and then proceeded to pull out my Bible to read a bit. She immediately asked "what's your favorite part?" and we then proceeded into a very interesting conversation.

After a few minutes she told me she was a counselor who helped people get back on their feet who had been down on their luck. I told her that when I was a pastor one of the hardest things for me was dealing with the counseling. I always felt like I had to have a good solution to their problem, and somehow felt like if they didn't leave with some helpful advice (that ended up WORKING) I had somehow failed. She shared with me that she just keeps her "energy" in the p…