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#me too (not me really, but some thoughts about the movement)

Warren Moon just got added to the list of shame.  I've been a fan since he led the Washington Huskies to a Rose Bowl victory over the Michigan Wolverines in 1978.  I was 8 years old.

But according to reports that have come out this week, Mr. Moon is just the latest famous, influential, powerful celebrity to be outed for reprehensible behavior toward a woman who worked for him.

I want to go on the record to say I am in full support of women who have had to put up with this demeaning, harrassing, and emotionally damaging behavior publicly speaking out.  I applaud you, and I encourage more of you to take that risk.

Why? Because I want every man who thinks it is their right to treat women in this way to know it will no longer be tolerated by the "good 'ol boy" network.  I want men in powerful, influential positions to treat women as valued employees and valued people who have so much to offer that doesn't involve their physical body.  Actually I want all men to know…