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What's it all for anyway? (The sheep, the goats, and a verse in Micah)

I've been involved in Evangelical Christian churches, educational institutions, and organizations since I was in high school.  That's over 30 years.  There seems to have been one overarching theme of all these "voices" influencing my spiritual development:  The most important thing is your personal salvation.  

I've been involved in week after week of Bible studies, worship services, Christian concerts and teaching events with an extremely PERSONAL focus.  Main questions addressed are personal matters such as:   "What do I believe?""What is Jesus (or the Spirit, or the Bible) saying to me right now?""How can I overcome these sin patterns and habits in my life?""How can I recapture a spiritual 'high' that will keep me going for another week?" There is usually a nod to the bigger issues facing our world, our nation, our community.  But the idea is once I hear clearly from God through going to church, reading the Bible,…