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God must have been just fine with it

The last 6 weeks I've been meeting with a group of 7 people who expressed interest in discussing Peter Enns' book The Bible Tells Me So: How Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable To Read It. Although the book title has the effect of offending both people outside the faith and inside, the basic premise of the book is that we need to take the Bible seriously - but not literally.
Over and over these past few weeks we've discussed Enns' point that the actual words of the Bible force careful readers to abandon certain ideas about the Bible that sound good, but don't actually work.  Some of the ideas that don't survive a careful reading:   The Bible is without error in all things it discusses.The Bible is without contradictions.The Bible is God's rulebook, cookbook, lawbook, instruction manual for Godly living.Good Christians must strive to harmonize all places where problems with the above 3 points show themselves, so they can continue to believe and evangelize …