Men's Group

I've been attending a men's small group a couple times a month for the past year or so.  Most of the time I really like it (which is actually surprising) but occasionally I find it frustrating.  Last night was one of those times.  One of the men, who has only recently joined our group, talked a lot.  And interspersed in his statements were ideas that sounded a bit like Trump was helping the USA become blessed by God again, God was using the current administration to help the church get bold again.  I just sat there and bit my lip.  Because I don't agree.

But more than that, what makes me uncomfortable sometimes when I'm with conservative Christians is they say things as if "Everyone in the room automatically agrees with this position because we're all Christians."  As if there is a Christian answer to each thorny political question and all real Christians agree because the Bible obviously tells us what is right.

The problem is, I'm finding that more often than not I disagree with those sentiments.

So after most of the guys had left last night, and it was down to four of us who have met together for longer than the others, I spoke up about my discomfort.  This led into an interesting conversation about homosexuality (is it really black and white what the Bible says about it and what the Christian response is?)  Mike really wanted to know what I thought so I ventured out there, sharing the ideas the flowed out of my research into the topic and the sermon I did a couple years ago.

What I tried to express through all of this discussion was this:  I don't want to spend our time together pointing fingers at those people out there who think this or do that.  I don't want to spend our time together talking about politics and politicians.  I want to talk about following Jesus and how to love our wives and our children, and what it means to be the light of the world in our work setting and in our community.  There is so much there for us to talk about.  From time to time perhaps these discussions will bleed over into politics or ethical/moral questions.  And that is fine, as long as we understand that others may have very different opinions and they love Jesus and are seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit every bit as much as we are.


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